Water Harvesting Solutions?

Greywater irrigation is supposed to save money and be easy. Wahaso fails on both counts.

Wahaso has been in the rain water recycling industry since only 2008 and they now call that system a greywater recycling system.

However, rain water and greywater are substantially different and Wahaso’s systems fail when using greywater.


Lack of Value Engineering

NASA invented Wahaso’s type of multi-filtered greywater system back in the 1960s for Apollo space missions and it costs a fortune. It still costs a fortune!

For example, Wahaso recently sold their toilet-flushing greywater system into a new city-subsidized apartment building at 1301 W. 7th Street, Los Angeles, to satisfy the City of LA’s greywater reuse mandate that cost the owner over $400,000; ($200,000+ for materials + $200,000+ for labor).

And that $400,000+ doesn’t include the $100,000+ cost for the massive room required by Wahaso’s system. Ask that owner for the facts!

Per Wahaso’s website https://wahaso.com/greywater/, only highly subsidized government and academic entities can afford to buy and maintain a Wahaso system.

If Wahaso quotes you a less expensive system, have them put on paper exactly what the system includes, everything it does, everything else it requires to satisfy your project, and all the costs associated with all of it.

Their NSF 350 Approval is worthless.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) created a new testing standard for greywater systems (NSF 350) that did not use the real debris found in real greywater in their test. See https://nsf350fails.com/

Real greywater includes a lot of real hair, lint, and other debris.

Any system can pass a test that excludes the main factors known to cause greywater systems to fail. Nevertheless, Wahaso is spending a fortune bragging about their worthless NSF 350 Approval.

Other companies like Nexus eWater from Australia who took that exact same approach to marketing their NSF 350 certified system in California quickly went out of business, leaving their customers stranded.

You need a system that passed the real-world test of real greywater in a real application for a real customer and you need the real cost.

Wahaso excludes 25% of the greywater.

Legal greywater includes laundry water and laundry water is 25% of all greywater. You wouldn’t know that by reading Wahaso’s website.

None of the systems bragged about on Wahaso’s website include laundry greywater https://wahaso.com/projects/. That’s because Wahaso’s systems can’t handle laundry greywater because it contains way too much debris.

You probably want a system that can use all the greywater.

Huge maintenance bills.

Even Wahaso’s laundry-less greywater systems require extremely frequent maintenance. That’s because they use a rain pre-filter that is made to collect leaves and sticks, allowing literally pounds of hair, lint, and other small and sticky debris to travel to their final filter. The only way to remove that debris from Wahaso’s final filter is by hand, weekly, maybe even daily.

Someone must provide, train, and pay an employee to do that. Ask Wahaso to let you talk with the maintenance manager at one of their systems that’s actually been in use for a year or two. Get the real facts.

Then compare that to what ReWater Systems with its three decades of greywater irrigation experience is offering for far less money, far less maintenance, and a far higher ROI.

Call ReWater® Systems at (805) 716-0104 or email support@rewater.com for more information about real gray water irrigation.

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